Get to know a neophyte congressman in #SevenQuestions: Ralph Tulfo

When it comes to Philippine politics, readers of the Manila Bulletin are quite savvy--but always in a hurry.

Quezon City 2nd district Rep. Ralph Tulfo

So much in a hurry that most of them may not have realized that some 150 or nearly half of the House of Representatives members in the 19th Congress are either complete neophytes or returning solons. Thus, we're introducing the #SevenQuestions challenge.

Rookie lawmakers who agreed to take on the #SevenQuestions challenge were made to choose and answer seven questions from a list of 20--half of them light, half of them serious. They were encouraged to pick the combination of questions that they think would best introduce them to a reader in a rush.

Our House member for the day, Quezon City 2nd district Rep. Ralph Tulfo, opted to answer three light questions and four serious questions. The 26-year-old is among the youngest lawmakers in the 19th Congress.

Light questions

  1. Are you a cat or a dog person?

    Dog Person. I really love dogs. In fact, buong family namin mahilig sa dogs (my entire family is into dogs). I have a golden retriever si (his name is) Tyler, yun pinaka-favorite ko amongst our dogs (he's my most favorite among our dogs).

  2. Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

    For me, Lebron. Siya talaga kasi napanood ko (He was the one who I really watched). Also, I like his style of play, yung (being the) facilitator, he makes sure that his teammates get the ball. Ganun rin po kasi (That is also) style of leadership I strive for, I want everyone to get involved.

  3. Which historical figure would you want to become your "seatmate" or "buddy" in the House plenary?

    I would have really loved to be seatmates with Manuel L. Quezon. First, he is the father of our city, and secondly, one of the most decorated individuals to have held public office.

Quezon City 2nd district Rep. Ralph Tulfo

Serious questions

4. Why did you enter politics?

Even when I was young, I was already exposed to public service through Papa (Senator Raffy Tulfo). In fact, when I had the opportunity to earn on my own, I voluntarily participated in helping out those in need. Nitong pandemic, nasaksihan ko yung kalagayan ng mga ka-distrito ko dito sa QC, kaya I decided to run (During the pandemic, I saw the state of my fellow constituents in my district in QC, that’s why I decided to run), to offer them a better alternative and representation. Luckily, with their help, and a lot of prayers, nanalo ako (I won)!

5. What is your best asset as a person?

My heart for public service. I really want to help everyone. I will consider myself successful, if I have already helped my constituents with their most pressing needs.

6. Which committee chairmanship or position in the House do you envision handling down the road?

My dream committee is the Committee on Housing and Urban Development. Majority sa constituents ko sa second district ay informal settlers (The majority of my constituents in the second district are informal settlers). My dream is for them to have a home they can permanently call their own. I really want to address that. So I hope to be given the opportunity to become the chairman of the Committee on Housing and Urban Development.

7. What makes you happy?

Being able to help those in need. I am very happy whenever I see that I have made even a small difference in their lives. Sobrang saya ko po, tuwing nakakatulong ako (Being able to help makes me so happy).