Marcos asked to seek God’s guidance, work for the common good of Filipinos

Nueva Segovia Archbishop Marlo Peralta expressed hope that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. would focus his work on addressing the needs of the Filipinos during his term.

“May you always seek God’s guidance as you work for the common good of the Filipino people especially those who are struggling every day to meet the needs of their families,” Peralta said in an interview over Radio Veritas.


Marcos was inaugurated as the country’s 17th president on Thursday, June 30 at the National Museum in Manila.

“With sincerity and goodwill, I pray that you’ll succeed in your presidency,” Peralta said.

Meanwhile, Peralta also extended support and offered prayers for the new administration. He also expressed hope that Marcos would not fail the majority of the Filipino people who voted for him in the May 9 elections.

“I pray that you’re always aware that majority of the Filipino people are poor and they look up to you to uplift their lives. Please, Mr. President, do not fail them,” he added.