MMDA receives highest COA rating for 3 straight years

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) received anew the highest audit rating from the Commission on Audit (COA) for the year 2021.

COA's unqualified opinion, considered as the best opinion the Commission can render to a government agency, was the third time for three years for the MMDA, according to its chairman lawyer Romando Artes.

photo: MMDA

"This is a result of the reforms we initiated on our budgetary process, expenditures, disbursement, and financial reporting. The MMDA is very thankful to the COA for recognizing the instituted reforms in the agency," said Artes.

“We have to sustain, if not improve, these established reforms to be able to serve Metro Manila better, especially since we are now reeling from the effects of the pandemic,” he added.

Artes explained that COA's good ratings given to the MMDA paved the way for personnel of the agency to receive increased benefits such as minimum wage for job order personnel, among others.

The MMDA also upgraded 570 of its job order personnel to casual positions.

"The MMDA also continues to push for more programs and policies pursuant to its mandates and functions, including but not limited to construction and rehabilitation of flood control infrastructures, traffic management reforms, and disaster preparedness, among others, which the current officials hope to be continued by the incoming administration," said Artes.