Here’s what Sara Duterte’s gown for her oath-taking looks like

Davao-based designer Silverio Anglacer on Thursday, June 16, revealed the final sketch of the gown that Vice President-elect Sara Duterte will wear for her inauguration as the country’s 15th vice president this weekend.

Design sketch of the Filipiniana gown that Vice President-elect Sara Duterte will wear on her June 19 oath-taking, which was made by Davao-based fashion designer Silverio Anglacer. (Photos from Facebook accounts of Duterte and Anglacer)

Duterte is set to take her oath before Supreme Court Justice Ramon Paul Hernando, a close friend of hers, at the San Pedro Square in downtown Davao City on Sunday, June 19.

The gown, which would have a loose mermaid bodice at the bottom, was designed with a traditional Filipiniana top of camisa or bell-shaped sleeves.

Anglacer did not give details about the gown’s color even as speculations rose if Duterte will wear her campaign color of green.

Instead, the designer used a green marker to outline the left side of the sketch.

“My outline of Philippine Vice President-elect Sara Duterte's oath taking gown on June 19, 2022,” Anglacer said in a Facebook post.

He accompanied his post with several hashtags, among which were #MadeToOrderOnly, #silveriocouture, and #filipiñana.

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Anglacer has designed many of Duterte’s gowns, including the blue Filipiniana that she wore when her father, President Duterte, took his oath of office in 2016.

He also created many of the Davao City mayor’s formal clothing during the 2022 campaign.

The Vice President-elect and Davao City mayor chose to be inaugurated earlier than President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s inauguration on June 30 because she wanted to be in Manila for that event.

Traditionally, the presidents and vice presidents were inaugurated on the same day, June 30.

Despite taking her oath of office on Sunday, Duterte will only assume responsibilities of the office at noon on June 30, as mandated by the Philippine Constitution.