DILG official backs Robin as chair of Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments

An official of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) expressed on Wednesday, June 15, full support on the chairmanship of he Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments of senator-elect Robin Padilla.

“We believe that Senator Robin is the best person to lead this critical committee because he understands the flaws of the 1987 Constitution and why we need to face this problem head-on if we are to progress as a nation,’’ DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said in a statement.

“Towards this end, we commit to provide the good senator with the technical support and assistance he needs to succeed as chairman,’’ he added.

Malaya is the chairman of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Constitutional Reform.

The DILG spokesperson also lauded Padilla for taking on the hard task of reforming the Constitution despite the risks and controversy it generates.

He noted that the proponents are sometimes looked upon by some quarters with suspicion or branded as opportunists impelled by vested interests.

“This is a view fanned by critics who would rather politicize the issue rather than engaging in an intelligent and well-informed debate on the proposed changes being sought,’’ he added.

Malaya maintained that Padilla’s call for constitutional reform will be an opportunity to re-examine the changing nature and requirements of Philippine society as it will expose the public to arguments for or against the proposed amendments and we will be a better nation for it.

“We join Senator Robin in his stand that our current Constitution needs to be reformed now rather than tomorrow. Thirty-five years after it was ratified, it is time to give it a new and closer look, not in the spirit of carping or disdainful criticism, but in a sincere effort to make it responsive to the demands of our times. We believe he is the best person to lead this effort in the Senate,’’ Malaya pointed out. (Chito A. Chavez)