Choose leaders who have faith in God, heart for the people

Diocese of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental Bishop Louie Galbines has called on the voting public to choose leaders who have a strong faith in God and a heart for the people in the coming May 9 election.

Bishop Louie Galbines (Photo courtesy of the Diocese of Bacolod / CBCP)

Bishop Galbines urged voters to reflect on their choice of candidates and to vote for leaders who have a strong faith in God and a heart for service.

"Go for leaders should have a heart for the people and a strong faith in God, those who will work for the common good and not in their personal interest. Choose candidates who do not have any personal interests,” the Church leader stressed over Radio Veritas.

The prelate advised the voting public to vote according to their conscience and to support candidates who have a strong relationship with God.

"Vote according to what your conscience is telling you. Your voice should be the voice of God. Good leadership comes from God and only people with fear and love of God can deliver what God wants for His people,” Bishop Galbines said.

The bishop reminded those running for public office to think only of the common good and not of their personal interest in the coming election.

According to records, Negros Occidental has more than 2 million registered voters. The province has two dioceses namely the Diocese of Kabankalan and the Diocese of Bacolod.