LGBTQIA+ for Leni video trends online

The four-minute video of the LGBTQIA+ for Leni has received more than 1.5 million views in less than a day.

It featured comedians John "Sweet" Lapus, Macoy Dubs, Lady Gagita, and JR Follero.

The community of "committed volunteers" from the LGBTQIA+ sector who shares Vice President Leni Robredo's "call" wrote as caption to the clip: "WAG MAGPAPABUDOL...KAY CANDIDATE NUMBER 7."

In there, the four celebrities are seen watching a beauty contest where candidates # 3, 7, and 10 made it to the Top 3.

During the final Question and Answer portion, the participants were asked: "What would you do if you win the title tonight?"

Candidate # 3 answered: "Ako kasi, I work a lot in the slums of Tondo, ano po, and the life there is really poor, it's sad, but I promise, I will help them if I win the title, ano po."

Sweet reacted: "Bakit ganun? Parang memorized yung sagot."

Then others interjected how there's "chika" that Candidate #3 lacks "experience."

So Sweet replied: "Kaya pala. Sana nagtraining na lang muna. Di ba?"

Then they talked about how Candidate # 7, who's "malakas," "requested" for the removal of the Q&A portion.

"Pwede ba yun? Beauty contest na walang question and answer?," Sweet quipped.

The said candidate answered the question with: "I do believe that, uhh, unity is the the the answer to the, answer to the, yes, unity, because you know, because it's not the people are doing. I think (inscrutable). If everybody, you know, I think, uhh, it's the unity that will be the solution, thank you."

Confused and seemingly shocked, Sweet said: "Bakit ganun? Nabobo na at paulit-ulit yung sagot. Kaya naman pala ayaw ng Q&A."

Macoy then shared: "Ma, alam mo ba ang chika, pag sumasali daw yan sa beauty contest, nawawalan daw ng ibang gamit yung mga candidates."

Sweet then reacted: "Matenggera. Chismis. Hmm. Bawal ang magnanakaw kahit beau-con lang yan."

Meanwhile, this is how Candidate # 10 answered the question: "If I am to win the title, I will use my influence to help others and I will show up in the most difficult times. That's all. Thank you."

Sweet said: "Yun ang sagot. Title na yan!"

Macoy then related how the contestant is the full-package.

"Diba? Maganda na, matalino pa!," was how he put it.

Lady Gagita then added in jest: "Ay dai, pag yan hindi nanalo, sure, luto!"

Macoy asked: "Niluto?"

He replied: "Hmmm, niluto nang parang cocaine."

Macoy asked again: "Eh paano pag nanalo yung number 7?"

JR answered: "Edi, budol!"

Sweet then added: "O kayo, kung kayo ang judges, papabudol ba kayo? Di ba hindi?"

At the end of the clip, it was Candidate # 10 who was declared the winner.

Watch here: