Gabriela solon up in arms over Laguna local bets' lewd campaign dance gimmick

A distasteful display of women's subjugation to men in power.

That's how Gabriela Party-list Rep. Arlene Brosas described what local election candidates in Laguna did in a dance number during a campaign rally.

(Photo from Gabriela Partylist Arlene Brosas's Facebook)

Brosas called attention Friday, April 1, to a video circulating in social media wherein 6cyclemind vocalist and Cabuyao Councilor Tutti Caringal as well as Calamba Mayor Timmy Chipeco were seen riding a female supporter in the event.

Caringal even removed the woman's mask while doing the act, the lady solon said.

"This is a distasteful display of women's subjugation to men in power supposedly for entertainment purposes -- when acts with sexual insinuation should not be a material for fun. This contributes to the normalization of sexual harassment," Brosas said in a statement.

"Kahit sabihin na masaya ang pagtanggap ng mga dumalo sa pangyayari, iba ang pahiwatig ng video ng campaign rally nila. Hindi dapat gawing normal ang pagpapakandong sa kababaihan ng mga gustong umupo sa poder (Even if the attendees were happy over the incident, the video from their campaign rally has a different connotation. It shouldn't be made normal for men seeking power on government to sit on women's laps)," she underscored.

During the 2016 polls, Gabriela Party-list also called out the tapping of scantily clad dancers for a political party's campaign sortie, also in Laguna.

"We urge political candidates to refrain from sexualizing and objectifying women in their political campaigns," Brosas said, adding, "They should stop reinforcing the misogynist biases against women."