Shero Mom inspires former OFW and public servant to become a financial advisor

Our mothers are our first Sheroes. They would take care of our needs and come to our rescue. They would understand our strengths and weaknesses. They would be the first ones to know where we will succeed, and the happiest to witness our achievements.

During the recent InLife Club of Honors Annual Awards Night, Jefferson Albis (left) of One Lucena District Sales Office shares his award as Top Rookie Underwriter of the Year to his mother Clarita (right).

For Jefferson Albis, his mother Clarita is the pillar of strength for their family. It was also his mom who inspired him to become a financial advisor of Insular Life (InLife), the largest Filipino life insurance company and the only mutual company in the Philippines.

Albis is the eldest child of a copra and nuts buyer father and a financial advisor mother, who is now an Associate Unit Manager of One Lucena District Sales Office. He graduated cum laude from Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena, where he finished his Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Albis worked in the communications industry for three years before going abroad where he was a financial controller for a law firm for 10 years. When he came back to the Philippines, he decided to enter public service. While he found success in politics, winning two terms as a municipal councilor, his mother has always encouraged him to be a financial advisor.

“I am a second-generation financial advisor. At first, I didn’t want to become one because I wanted to concentrate on public service. In 2019, when my political career ended, I felt that it was the right time to become a financial advisor and make my mom happy,” Albis said.

Lessons From His Mother

Being a seasoned financial advisor, his mom knows that it takes more than selling insurance to encourage people to prepare for their future. Mrs. Albis has been a financial advisor for more than 27 years.

"My mom always told me to keep in touch with your clients. Treat your clients as members of the family. You’re not dealing with your clients for the sake of insurance alone. You need to make them feel that you’re always there for them, that you can be a shoulder to cry on, and that you will be there during the ups and downs," Albis said.

He added that his mom also emphasized the importance of professionalism.

"She would remind me to be there before the meeting time and look presentable. She also told me to always be prepared with the tools I need for my presentation, and the data and information on the financial products that I am offering," Albis said.

Winning the Top Rookie Underwriter of the Year award

InLife recently recognized its top financial advisors and agency leaders for the production year of 2021. Albis was honored as Top Rookie Underwriter of the Year.

“I take pride in being a part of InLife. I believe in its mission of providing ‘A Lifetime for Good’ to Filipinos,” he said, adding that he never really expected that he would win an award for his work.

Asked how he did well in the field that he was hesitant to join at first, Albis pointed out that “there’s no elevator to success.”

“I did things step by step. Success does not come overnight. Do good every day, and good things will come your way. Don’t waste your time or your resources, and have confidence in yourself,” he said.

A Way of Helping Others

Albis shared that being a financial advisor is a job that not a lot of people consider as a career option. Traditionally, Filipino parents would want their children to become doctors or lawyers.

“I love this career because I can provide financial planning to different professionals. Being a financial advisor also allows me to help others in planning for their future. When I became a financial advisor, I started saving for my future and the future of my family. I want to encourage people to do the same, to start saving, investing and having a protection for their retirement. Don’t wait for tomorrow; today is the right time to think about your future,” he said.

Albis credits his mother for inspiring him to continue serving Filipinos as a financial advisor.

“I really love my mom. I am here today because of the things she has taught me. She was there during my ups and downs, and she was the one who kept pushing me. I am happy that my mom is on my side,” he said.

InLife hopes to multiply Albis’ path of serving others through financial planning. To become financial advisors, simply attend InLife’s monthly online Winners Circle Business Opportunity Forum; take the licensure exam and get licensed; and complete the basic training program. Visit the InLife website for more details.