Pinay actress who appears in Netflix’s ‘All of Us Are Dead’ tells experience

A Filipino actress who appeared in Netflix’s new Korean zombie series “All of Us Are Dead” revealed her experience shooting the show, which has become No. 1 in the US and 55 other countries and territories.

Noreen Joyce Guerra told Manila Bulletin on Feb. 5 that she was cast and became one of the classmates of actor Yoo In-soo, who plays the role of Yoon Gwi-nam, a school bully who eventually becomes the tormentor in the series.

Filipino actress Noreen Joyce Guerra (left) and a scene in episode 1 of "All of Us Are Dead" where she appears (front row, right) (Photos: Instagram, Netflix)

“All of Us Are Dead” tells the story of students who are trapped in their high school when zombies invade. They need to fight off the zombies to survive.

It stars Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Lomon (aka Park Solomon), Cho Yi-hyun, Yoo In-soo, Son Sang-Yeon and Lee Yoo-mi.

In the series, Guerra appears in episode 1 including a classroom scene with Yoo In-soo and actress Oh Hye-soo who plays Min Eun-ji, the target of Gwi-nam’s bullying.

“I started filming for the series in June 2020,” said Guerra.

Two scenes in episode 1 of "All of Us Area Dead" where Noreen Joyce Guerra appears (Instagram, Netflix)

“All of Us Are Dead” was released on Netflix on Jan. 28 and became No. 1 in many countries. It debuted at No. 1 on Netflix’s own top 10 weekly chart for the period Jan. 24 to 30.

Guerra said she is thankful that she was included in “All of Us Are Dead.”

“Because of the series, mas dumami nakakilala at naappreciate ang mga ginawa ko kahit super minimal ang appearances,” she said.

Guerra has been living in South Korea for six years where she started as a student. She studied Masters in Business Administration majoring in Marketing at Sookmyung Women's University.

She works as a manager for a financial firm in South Korea and being an actress is her part-time job.

According to Guerra, she has been working as an actress in Korea for about three years and has so far appeared in 85 dramas.

“I've been in 85 K-dramas so far. Most of the K-dramas that you watched, I might be there,” she said.

She said among the stars of “All of Us Are Dead,” her favorites are Park Ji-hu, who plays the role of Nam On-jo and Yoon Chan-young who is Lee Cheong-san in the series.

Noreen Joyce Guerra said her favorite stars in "All of Us Are Dead" are Park Ji-hu, who plays the role of Nam On-jo, and Yoon Chan-young, who plays the role of Lee Cheong-san (Netflix)

“Chanyoung who played the role of Cheongsan. I filmed with him too sa other drama kaya it was nice seeing him there. Jihoo who played Onjoo too. She was just 17 years old when we filmed the drama. So cute,” said Guerra.