Where were you during the EDSA People Power?

National Artist Bencab, other artists share their experiences so can you, too

Malaking tanong sa mga artist ang ‘ano ba ang pakialam ng art mo sa mga nangyayari?’ (When artists are asked what their art has to do with what has been happening, that means a great deal),” shares CCP Thirteen Artists Awardee 1990 Egai Talusan Fernandez.

CCP is calling for contributions!

In celebration of National Arts Month and the commemoration of the 36th anniversary of EDSA People Power, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and its Visual Arts and Museum Division invite you to contribute and join a social media campaign project for the CCP’s Pasinaya Open House Festival 2022 entitled as “People Power 1986: Where were you? Mga saysay mula sa sining biswal.”

I began to pray, to be prepared to die. We were ready to die, all of us.

—Phyllis Zaballero, CCP Thirteen Artists 1978

This the call for contributions has started and the campaign will run until the Feb. 27. A number of artists have already shared their firsthand accounts, recollections, and artworks made during the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, a remarkable event in Philippine history.

“By February 1986, I was in Baguio, having just come home from London a few months before, after being away for 15 years. I felt compelled to be part of the groundswell of protests against the Marcos dictatorship,” National Artist Bencab shares.

“We won the struggle. That peaceful revolution was a model on how to bring about change. We saw that by coming together, as a community, that we can overcome. But now, it is scary that we may lose it. We cannot lose this freedom that we struggled to fight for,” says CCP Thirteen Artists 1990 Renato Habulan.

You can check the entries at CCP Visual Arts and Museum’s official social media accounts, ccpvamd on Instagram and Facebook. Visit bit.ly/SanaySayKo for the guidelines.