Samantha Panlilio shares cause of depression

Miss Grand International Philippines 2021 Samantha Panlilio has come out to admit that after competing in Thailand, she felt so "lost" because of the way things turned out.

Adding to this are the so many comments online.

“I felt that people were putting out each and every flaw that I have and it was just so hard to accept,” she related in an inspirational talk at the Trinity University of Asia.

Exacerbating her anxiety is the fact that several of her Binibining Pilipinas co-title holders both took home their respective crowns.

Cagayan de Oro’s Cinderella Obenita bagged Philippines's second Miss Intercontinental title in October while Batangas’ Maureen Montagne has been crowned Miss Globe in Albania last November.

Note that Samantha failed to make it to the pageant’s top 20.

Meanwhile, Samantha pointed out during that time, she was also dealing with the loss a sister-in-law who died due to cancer.

"Because of this, I did fall into depression. I was just so lost,” she said, adding she just can't control her emotions and felt so overwhelmed.

Thankfully, she was able to overcome the hardship simply because she asked for help.

Samantha didn't hesitate to open up to her family and friends about what she was going through.

She also took a break from social media, which she thinks was one of her healthiest decisions.

"Because it was during this time that I learned that happiness is always a choice,” she said. “People may say things about you, but it’s up to us on how we react to these uncertainties, how we react to these uncontrollable situations. That really is what inherently makes us a stronger and better person at the end of the day.”

Samantha assured those people, who are going through the same thing she had, that they're not alone.

“We really need to prioritize our mental health just as much as our physical health. If that means you taking a break from social media, distancing yourself from everyone, then that’s okay because you know yourself best,” she advised. "You're stronger than you think and no one can define your character, your resilience, and the power that you have within you."

"This goes to show that social media is a very powerful tool. And we need to use it with positivity, with respect, and of course with nothing but love."

She assured fans she's "healed" and that the process was something that she's "proud of."