DOST-developed tech provides income source for local equipment fabricators

Gecar Machine Solutions Inc. (Gecar), a licensed fabricator of food processing equipment designed and developed by the Department of Science Technology -Metals Industry Research and Development Center (DOST-MIRDC)recently closed another successful transaction with the food manufacturing sector.

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In a statement, DOST-MIRDC disclosed that the Eastern Visayas Food Innovation Center (EVFIC), located inside the campus of the Eastern Visayas State University, procured from Gecar a modified version of the DOST-MIRDC’s LPG Fired Spray Dryer for its continuous expansion.

The LPG Fired Spray Dryer was created as a cheaper alternative to high-end, imported machinery. It quickly and effectively dries food solutions, slurries, pastes, gels, or suspensions, and offers the preferable method of drying thermally sensitive materials such as food and pharmaceutical products.

The LPG Fired Spray Dryer is an innovative technology, that will encourage food processing businesses to market food products in powder form. The best examples of these are carabao's milk and turmeric, two of the top commodities in the Eastern Visayas region.

DOST-MIRDC said that the year 2022 was very promising for Gecar Machine Solutions, Inc. The Visayas State University (VSU) also conducted business with Gecar for the purchase of food processing equipment.

The VSU in Leyte also acquired the LPG Fired Spray Dryer and the Modular Water Retort. The Modular Water Retort, like the spray dryer, is less expensive and more convenient than the imported equipment available in the market. It works by sterilizing food products stored in glass, tin cans, and retortable pouches to extend food’s shelf life, reduce food waste, and enhance customer safety.

Following the footsteps of Gecar Machine Solutions Inc., Rampec Enterprises in Davao City also obtained a license for four food processing technologies from the DOST-MIRDC. These include the Vacuum Frying Machine, Modular Water Retort, Freeze Drying Machine, and LPG Fired Spray Dryer. These homegrown technologies are essential for the growth of local food manufacturers as the Davao region is known for its various agricultural products, including bananas, pineapple, coffee, and coconut.

Food processing is an attractive and marketable business, which becomes more attractive with the availability of food processing equipment.

The DOST-MIRDC encourages equipment fabricators to expand product offerings and reach a bigger market by licensing locally developed technologies. The Spray Dryer and Modular Water Retort are just two of the several emerging technologies.