GOSSIP GIRL: Regine Velasquez - 'Best in gout ako'

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Ogie Alcasid

Just recently, world-class singers Regine Velasquez-Alcacid and Ogie Alcacid celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. But instead of going out of the country or celebrating it over dinner in a fancy restaurant, the two were caught performing for the 73rd birthday celebration of Bong Pineda, the father of Pampanga. “Wedding anniversary po talaga naming ni Ogie, pero hindi po namin kayo ma-hindian. Happy birthday tatay," Regine greets Tatay Bong on the microphone.

I was able to catch Asia’s Songbird backstage and she told me laughing, “best in gout ako.” I thought I heard wrong since her husband Ogie was already singing, so I asked her to repeat what she just said, “Yes it’s true, I ate too much chicharong bulaklak in ASAP so I won best in gout. I couldn’t walk, thank God the medications worked fast. But I strongly suggest to those who are best in gout like me to juice one stalk of celery, including the roots and drink it pure like drinking a shot of Tequila. Celery juice is what saved my legs from further gout accumulation.I don’t drink the medications anymore.”

Regine is probably the happiest person I have met. She would giggle and laugh at the slightest trigger. Onstage she had to make the director stop her music because she couldn’t stop laughing because her husband Ogie missed his exit behind the two video walls that would open and close for the entrance and exits of the stars. Ogie was literally knocking on the video wall so it could open up again. She made the music stop so she can laugh heartily and then when she cued her music and was ready to sing, she had the music stop again because she couldn’t stop laughing over Ogie’s blooper.

We all had to wait for her to finish her hearty laugh. I wish everyone had the same disposition as Regine’s. What a beautiful world this would be if everyone was just full of joy in their hearts. Of course, Regine sang in perfect pitch without any effort with her songbird voice.

Ogie and Regine with Giselle Sanchez (right)

While Regine was performing, I asked Ogie what their plans were for their 12th wedding anniversary. “We will check-in after this in a luxury hotel in Manila with our son Nathan and stay there till Christmas. After Christmas, Regine will start preparing for her upcoming Valentine concert entitled “Solo” to be held at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit Mall, Makati City on Feb. 17, 18, 24 and 25. This will be directed by Paolo Valenciano and musically directed by Raul Mitra. You may purchase your tickets at TicketWorld.”

Around 2,000 guests were seated comfortably in the brand new Royce Hotel and Casino owned by Tatay Bong Pineda. Other performers that night were Zsa Zsa Padilla, Rey Valera and Basil Valdez. The event was mounted by ASAP television celebrity stylist Bang Pineda, Tatay Bong’s nephew, for his uncle’s birthday. I told him how impressed I was with the new hotel situated in Clarkfield Pampanga because it reminded me of my Las Vegas days when I did a concert with Pilita Corales in Bellagio. “We will really make this hotel have the Las Vegas feels, from entertainment to design to the gaming areas. So watch out, Giselle, you and many singers and comedians will be fully booked next year.”