Billy Crawford to Korina: ‘I almost gave up’

Billy Crawford and Korina Sanchez-Roxas

BILLY Crawford is a certified international star. As grand international champion of Dancing With The Stars in France, one of the most watched TV shows in Europe, Billy didn’t think he would make it.

 “Halos nagkabali bali ang buto ko, nagpaturok ako ng kung anu-ano sa sakit ng buong katawan ko, halos di na ako makatayo minsan,” says Billy about his training and practice before the championship.

 How did he win it? Does he have a secret agimat? Well, you’ll have to watch Korina Interviews this Sunday, 5:00 p.m., on NET 25 to find out.

Hosted by multi award-winning broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez Roxas, Korina Interviews is decidedly one of the most talked about and polished interview shows TV has produced in years.

 “We try to just keep it as real as possible. Like two friends talking over drinks. No pretensions. Equal kami. It works. Fun, connected, and totoo. Kaya siguro ang tao, kumakapit,” says Korina.

Billy talks about working at the age of 3; leaving for America; working as a pizza delivery boy; failing and rising to stardom in Europe and leaving it all behind to return to the Philippines. And then Europe embraced him again on Dancing With The Stars.

“What a life. Billy is more than just this moment,” Korina says after tearing-up with Billy’s amazing life story.