Stressed and lonely this holiday? Celebrity life coach Myke Celis gives tips on how to deal with Christmas blues

Myke Celis

While it’s true for most that Christmas is the season to be jolly, for some, it’s actually otherwise.

Unknown to many, there are actually some who experience what you call “holiday blues” : that feeling of being sad, lonely, stressed, and anxious as the Christmas season progresses.

“It’s actually normal because all of us have different sets of experiences prior to the holidays which may have led to feeling a bit down during a festive season like Christmas or New Year, “ says award-winning celebrity life coach Myke Celis.

Prior experiences of losing a loved one, being away from home, work and life pressures have contributed to one’s state during the holidays.

With a lot of things happening around us during the holidays e.g. parties, reunions, gift giving, holiday shopping rush etc., sometimes people experiencing holiday blues get too overwhelmed and find themselves in a very dark space that leaves them feeling restless and unhappy and sometimes unable to sleep well (and at times, function too).

That is why it is very important to check on one’s mental health during the holidays to beat the blues.

The Best Wellness Coach bronze winner in the 2022 coach awards shares these tips to help ease the holiday blues:

Coach Myke: “Check on your space. Mindfully ground yourself by being 100% present. Learn how to compartmentalize your thoughts. Ask yourself this: “Am I living in the present? Or am I still focused too much on the past or the future? That can help you experience and enjoy the present more. “

“Remember no matter where you are, or what you’ve been through, you’re not alone. Reach out. Stay connected whether virtually or physically. Be with people who make you smile genuinely and laugh heartily. Everyone deserves to enjoy the holidays including you, so stop judging and isolating yourself. Ask yourself: whom do I want to share my holidays with? Then take it from there. You have that choice.”

The best selling author of the #bestmeever book series also highlights the importance of being true to one’s self and self-care.

“Acknowledge how you feel. Don’t fake it. Let others know and understand your space. That’s ok. Take this time to pause and recalibrate. Take care of yourself more. Reflect on your goals. Invest on yourself and your growth. You also deserve the gifts that you willingly give to others. Same goes with the love. You deserve those.”

“When things seem too much, you can always reach out to a mental health professional. Help is readily available. Nothing to be ashamed or scared of,” the celebrity life coach finishes.

Coach Myke reminds everyone: “The Christmas season is a beautiful reminder that life can still be better: people become kinder, everywhere there’s joy and laughter. Remind yourself that you too, can celebrate in your space, in your own pace and means as you get better too, eventually.”