Binay urges DOT to postpone plans to rebrand PH tourism campaign

Senator Nancy Binay on Wednesday, December 21 said she hopes the Department of Tourism (DOT) will defer any plans to replace the country’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” tourism campaign.

Binay made the remark following President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s decision to veto the proviso in the P5.268-trillion General Appropriations Act (GAA) for 2023 which states that “in no case shall the appropriations be utilized to change the tourism campaign slogan” under DOT-OSEC, Special Provision No. 4, “Branding Campaign Program,” Volume I-B, page 313.

“We respect the President's power and prerogative to veto,” Binay said in a statement.

“Having been sidelined by the pandemic, we recognize the need to kickstart the tourism industry and push our persuasive power to sell the Philippines,” the senator added.

“We appreciate the promotions initiative of the DOT, but rebranding and marketing can be very costly considering that the DOT would be spending in millions of US dollars by just changing the slogan, not to mention the printing of marketing collaterals, global quad-media advertising placements, international and local sponsorships, travel and trade shows, and other below-the-line campaigns,” she further said.

Binay, Senate Committee on Tourism chairperson, said that given the current economic challenges the country is facing, the DOT should be using its funds to boost existing tourism programs as the Philippines moves toward full economic recovery.

“It is our commitment to equip the DOT with the necessary marketing tools, and provide essential funds to support its programs. But given the country's financial challenges, changing to a new slogan at this time may not be a compelling argument,” she said.

“As much as possible, we don't want potential tourists to be confused with constantly changing messages every time they watch our new ads on television and social media,” Binay pointed out.

“We still hope that the DOT considers deferring its plan to 'rebrand' and replace the 'It's More Fun in the Philippines!' campaign,” the lawmaker stressed.