How to look extra

Here’s one of the best technologies these days for looking good without looking weird and botched

Emsculpt Neo application

During the height of pandemic, people tended to be distracted whenever they saw themselves on Zoom, their faces looking tired, sad, angry, and saggy. Some would happily dismiss this as aging but most of the population will do something to prevent it or correct it. Just like eating healthy and exercising, which make a person feel stronger and better, good looks need preventative measures too.

So what can we do to look good without looking weird and botched? So many technologies are available nowadays that it has been hard to choose the best preventative treatment in the market. One of the keys to get it right the first time is to invest in a good brand, which is backed up by medical studies and testimonials from a good number of medical aesthetics authorities. 

One of the best technologies nowadays would be the Whole Body Program by BTL Aesthetics, the company behind Emsculpt. It targets the whole body and face without any use of injections and surgery. This would be the best procedure for people who are on the go and who want maximum improvement without going under the knife.

Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is the first and only US FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that can encourage muscle building while blasting fat for a more toned, sculpted, and contoured physique. It can do both benefits as it utilizes two energies—radiofrequency therapy for fat loss and high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) for muscle toning. If you’ve heard about Emsculpt (2018) before, Emsculpt Neo (2021) is an updated device that adds radiofrequency therapy for additional fat loss and provides better results. Compared to its predecessor, Emsculpt Neo burns more fat and increases muscle mass. It can target several areas in the body, including the buttocks, arms, thighs, calves, and abs. Aside from it being non-invasive (that means fewer side-effects too!), it is also a quick procedure that only lasts for half an hour, with minimal to zero downtime. What’s more, there are no pre-treatment or post-treatment requirements. Several sessions spaced between one to two weeks at a time are usually recommended. Results usually appear in after about three months. 


If you are looking for a tried and tested treatment to improve cellulite appearance, you may want to try Emtone. Of course, there are other treatments available such as lasers, ultrasound therapies, body contour treatments, and even subcision, but Emtone sets itself apart by being the first and only device that uses both thermal and mechanical energies that focus on the different causes of cellulite. It is a US FDA-approved device utilizing radiofrequency therapy and targeted pressure therapy, a combination that, targeting fat and tissue, not only helps with cellulite appearance, but also increases blood circulation. This quick treatment has minimal side effects and almost no downtime. Several sessions are needed for the desired result. Patients can see improvements starting a few weeks from the initial session. Gradually, everything gets better in a few months.

With this promising development for aging well that goes beyond the skin, there are no more excuses for not looking and feeling young at any age.


If you have heard of the revolutionary Emsculpt Neo that develops muscles and burns the fat, Emface is basically just that but more concentrated on the muscles of the face to lift it up and tighten it while removing wrinkles. It combines radio frequency with electromagnetic stimulation (high intensity facial electrical stimulation) that contracts the muscle to strengthen it so it can lift and sculpt the face without needles.  

With these innovative treatments backed up with studies, patients will experience significant results, especially after completing four sessions.

Looking and feeling extra special are now achievable anytime and anywhere even without undergoing surgery or injection. With this promising development for aging well that goes beyond the skin, there are no more excuses for not looking and feeling young at any age.