FASHION PULIS: The overfriendly girlfriend

Friendly Girlfriend (FG) joined the entourage of her Serious Boyfriend (SB) overseas. Although FG and SB come from different worlds, they proved prophets of doom wrong given that their relationship seems to be for keeps.

The group of SB comprised a formal bunch of personalities, but FG felt she could easily fit in. One time, FG felt chummy and blurted out a question addressed to an Older Lady (OL). FG asked OL who she was intimate with as she has not had a boyfriend for the longest time. The other members of the entourage were shocked at the straightforward question of FG. SB was embarrassed but could not reprimand FG given that OL happened to be someone who deserves a bit of respect and distance. The rest of the entourage realized they were suddenly in an awkward situation and did not know how to react. They were, of course, watching for OL’s reaction.

Then, FG opened up to diffuse her unpredictability. She revealed that when she stayed with SB for several months, he did not mind her bedroom needs. Did FG insinuate something about SB? Hence, a boyfriend did not guarantee intimacy.
Incidentally, FG is also selling jewelry and her target clients include SB’s group, too. FG proudly brags that SB gave her the capital for her entrepreneurial activities.

‘There's money, and then there's class. The two are often separated.’ − Kate Jacobs

Hiding a secret

Talents entering showbiz are often trapped in the image set forth by their managers and the subsequent producers who promise to propel them into fame. For example, a talent who has mestizo looks can be packaged with a false background of coming from a high society family to match the stereotyping of looks and a wealthy background.

An important factor for female talents, especially the young ones, is to have an impeccable past. If a female talent’s pre-showbiz days comprised behavior that is not suited for a good role model, such past should be kept hidden. Similarly, if a talent has undergone enhancements, proof of the before look should be erased from social media. Thus, damage control is immediately implemented to save the talent.

The most common way to address intrigues is to keep silent even if the clamor for the truth is loud. Accordingly, Female Talent (FT) seems to be following the path of silence when it comes to her issues. FT’s career had been marked with comments, from social media to her projects. Despite her refreshing looks, FT has been targeted as villainess outside of showbiz. Nonetheless, FT tried to defend herself, but then bashers will be bashers. However, one of the alleged secrets FT is hiding and denying is the existence of a lovechild who was born prior to her starting a showbiz career.

FT and her family opted to keep quiet even if private citizens have claimed to have known of her status years ago. Kibitzers believe that FT has to keep a clean image for her fans to continue to idolize her. Perhaps, FT could learn from other actresses who were in a similar predicament. Years of denial proved they were feeding their fans with lies as they themselves would later on admit the rumors were indeed true.

‘The price of every lie is that the truth will always come out.’ – Jessica Khoury

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