Fujidenzo Appliances brings another global innovation with 'world’s first' HD inverter sliding glass top chest freezer

Whether you're shopping for groceries, dining at a restaurant, or buying from your small neighborhood store, there's one thing you're sure to find — a chest freezer or showcase chiller that keeps food and beverages fresh for longer. When it comes to commercial appliances, there’s this local brand that is regarded as a frontrunner in bringing innovations to the appliance market and is trusted by major businesses across the country.

Known for its reliable, durable, and energy-saving products, Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances has established itself as an industry leader, especially in the freezer and chiller categories. These products are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of entrepreneurs and consumers.

Fujidenzo, the pioneer of the world's first HD inverter solid top chest freezer and showcase chiller, continues to help businesses reach new heights with its latest innovation—introducing the "world's first" HD inverter sliding glass top chest freezer.

Here's everything you need to know about this Fujidenzo product and why it's the smart choice for growing your business:

Saves you tons on your electricity bills

When starting a business, you most likely look for equipment that not only saves you money but also provides long-term benefits. This Fujidenzo sliding glass top chest freezer is equipped with Heavy Duty (HD) Inverter Technology to help run your business more efficiently. Its energy-efficient inverter compressor delivers up to 60 percent savings on your electricity consumption. Hence, you'd be able to save more money, which in turn increases your business profit.

Delivers maximum cooling performance for long-lasting food freshness

Despite being the first of its kind, this unit guarantees functionality and high performance because of its advanced features. It highlights a Dual Function feature that allows you to use your freezer as a chiller depending on what you're loading inside. Thanks to its Fast Freeze Technology, you're sure to keep ice cream and meat products well-frozen at the fastest possible time. Both features provide effective solutions for maintaining and extending food freshness.

Offers ultimate reliability, durability, and convenience

Effortlessly catch the eyes of customers by showcasing your products while storing them at the ideal temperature. Its Sliding Glass Door lets the customers check on the content inside without having to open the lid, making it easier for them to shop for what they need. The Galvanized Interior on the other hand, adds durability that will surely last for many years.

Aside from saving energy, its Heavy Duty Inverter Compressor helps extend the lifespan of your freezer. It allows the unit to gradually reach and maintain the required cooling temperature, therefore, preventing the freezer's compressor from overworking.

To avoid food spoilage, it's important that you set the proper cooling level, and this can easily be done with this unit's user-friendly Front Temperature Control. Temporarily leaving the store unmanned or closing your business for the night won't be a problem either because this product has a Key Lock to secure your food supplies. And if ever you need to rearrange your store layout, it has Roller Feet so you can conveniently move your freezer from one corner to another.

This Fujidenzo HD inverter sliding glass top chest freezer is available in 18 (IFD-18GDF2) and 22 cu. ft. (IFD-22GDF2) capacities. Supported by over 500 service centers nationwide, these products are covered by a warranty of five years on the compressor, two years on parts, and one-year on service.

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech), Fujidenzo products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Drop by their main showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Legazpi, Palawan, Isabela, Baguio and Cagayan De Oro to view their complete line of appliances.

Visit the website at www.fujidenzo.com or its Facebook page at Fujidenzo Appliances for more information.