3rd Avenue pulls the heart strings and gives all the feels with 'Diskarte'

3RD Avenue

Songs and music that pulls the heart strings and gives you all the feels, 3rd Avenue Band offers these and more, with the release of their latest single "Diskarte" which is part of the album "Transverse."

Bonded together by their passion for music, friendship and other worthwhile endeavors, 3rd Avenue Band are seasoned performers composed of Muriel dela Paz, Alchris Ramirez, Joy Reyes, Paolo Ledesma on vocals; the rhythm section, headed by the group’s resident arranger and musical director, Migs Nuñez on keys, co-musical director, Gino Madrid on guitar, Lester Cerda on saxophone, and Beng Gatmaitan on drums.

Versatile as they are, they embrace a wide range of music genre, from ballad, pop, top 40s, to OPM, and many more. Their music has never failed to enchant music lovers who come to see and hear them perform. They released their first album, 3rd Avenue – In Time, which was produced by Barnyard Music and distributed by Universal Records Philippines in 2007.

In 2008, they received an AWIT Award for Best Performance by A New Group for their 2nd single, “Why Can’t It Be” and became the most sought after group and a trailblazer in the Philippine wedding Industry.

Because of this, they are dubbed “The Philippines’ Premier Wedding Band”. In 2019, they performed in front of a sold-out audience for their first-ever major concert entitled 3XV – The Anniversary Concert held at the Music Museum Now, 3rd Avenue Ban releases its latest musical creation billed “Diskarte”, written by Beng Gatmaitan and arranged by Miguel Nuñez.

“Diskarte is about having mixed emotions on when is the right time to say one’s feelings towards another,” composer Gatmaitan describes the song. The song is the initial single release that comes from the album "Transverse"

Explains vocalist Paolo Ledesma, “Our songs express different emotions - whether happy, sad, in love, in pain, hopeful, longing etc. TRANS means across, beyond or through. A VERSE is a line. Through the lines in our songs, we articulate various emotions that will resonate and cut across different types listeners. Inspiration: During the pandemic, especially during the lockdown, we have seen the rise of mental health problems because people are not able to connect and express themselves. Through our songs, we hope to help articulate their feelings and emotions for them.”

3rd Avenue Band’s will perform "Diskarte" in their Sofa Sessions, a series of videos where they perform raw and stripped down version of their songs and current hits. It is released every two weeks in their social media pages.

“Diskarte” by 3rd Avenue Band is available for streaming at Spotify. - Apple Music, iTunes, Resso and Luna. Music video is coming out soon. For the latest about 3rd Avenue Band, please visit www.facebook.com/3rdAvenueMusic www.instagram.com/3rdAvenueMusic www.youtube.com/3rdAvenue www.tiktok.com/3rdavenuemusic