New Zealand pop heavyweights Drax Project release their TikTok trending body of work ‘Blind Beat EP’

Published December 9, 2022, 1:53 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

The Blind Beat EP is the result of the #blindbeatchallenge – a TikTok content series Drax Project created for themselves during the pandemic lockdowns – where each member of the group had 10 minutes on their own in the studio to come up with song parts on their respective instruments. They then put them together blind to hear the outcome and the results were a delight for both the band members and their fans watching the process roll out.

“We were trying to spark some creativity in the studio,” explains the band. “When Ben (O’Leary – guitarist) suggested we each go to a separate room and write a part for a song. We picked a key and a tempo to base our ideas off, so the end result would at least be listenable… in theory. Matt (Beachen – drummer) filmed everyone’s reactions and posted it to TikTok, really thinking nothing much of it. The first one racked up millions of views in a few days and the #blindbeatchallenge was born.”

With over 30 million views across eight videos, and thousands of comments begging for an official release – it quickly became apparent to the band that they had stumbled on a creative goldmine.

As a result of fan elation, Drax Project rapidly assembled the crisp collection of releases, with ‘In And Out’, ‘Stole A Car’, ‘Confessions’, ‘Judge Judy’, ‘Second Chances’, and the previously released ‘Gameboy Color’ making their way into the Blind Beat EP package.

With lead single ‘Gameboy Color’ hitting the TikTok viral sphere after a matter of days, the Blind Beat EP is positioning itself as one of the most hyped bodies of work to be forged from the music industry’s most influential discovery platform.

The Kiwi pop powerhouse outfit have carved their own path in recent years, rising from busking jazz students to becoming one of the most seen and heard New Zealand musical acts of all time. They’ve amassed hundreds of millions of streams; teamed up with some of the biggest names on the planet (including Hailee Steinfeld, Fetty Wap and Six60); and toured the world with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Christina Aguilera, Lorde and Camilla Cabello – all off the back of songwriting that combines undeniable pop hooks with brilliant and subtly complex musicianship.

The Blind Beat EP is out now on all streaming platforms via Drax Projects’s own label, HNT