Reading made better with Sunnies Studios

Published December 5, 2022, 9:23 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Have you ever experienced having trouble reading? Are you around the age of 40 years old? Do you hold your reading materials farther away so you can read them? Then, it’s possible that you have presbyopia.  

According to the National Eye Institute, presbyopia is a refractive error that makes it difficult for middle-aged adults and older ones to view things at a closer distance. This is a normal occurrence that happens to those who reach the age of 45 years old.  

Pieces from Sunnies Studios: Pilot 1, Rectangle 1, Rectangle 2 in mushroom

It is inevitable, and it’s a universal eye problem that most people will experience as they age. This is why Sunnies Studios launched its very first Readers collection—scratch-resistant and lightweight frames that are made with recycled polyester. This is part of its pledge to stop the use of virgin plastic. An extra effort goes into its production of biodegradable boxes, too! 

“In this way, we continue with our efforts while responsibly creating quality eyewear for all.  Aside from our dedication to protecting the environment, we also want to increase the accessibility of eyewear for everyone. Staying true to our mission, Readers is the latest addition to our line of grab-and-go eyewear, conveniently accessible online and in various in-store locations,” shares the Sunnies Studios team.  

The Readers collection offers five different lens powers of +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, and +3.00 diopters. They also come in three classic styles—Pilot 1 that’s a rounded pilot with a medium fit, Rectangle 1 that’s a rounded rectangle with a wide fit, and Rectangle 2 that’s a classic rectangle with a medium fit. Choose from two neutral colorways of Slate and Mushroom.  

Rectangle 2 in mushroom

With a wide range of diopters to choose from, it is critical that you choose the correct lens power for your reading needs. Sunnies Studios team further explains, “Choosing the wrong lens power can give you unwanted side effects such as headaches and eye strain, so it’s important to use the right glasses. The best way to find the right strength is to try on different pairs yourself and see which works best for you. The stronger the reading glasses, the closer you’ll be able to see.” 

Rectangle 1 in mushroom

What’s great about the Readers collection is that they are grab-and-go pieces. Everything is ready for purchase sans the waiting. Even better, these light, portable, durable, and comfortable reading glasses are very affordable. “Our newest product line is made to balance function and style with ready-made reading glasses that are priced competitively. We wanted to make eyewear more accessible by providing a cheaper option that’s readily available in internal and external channels,” adds the Sunnies Studios team.  

Priced at P595 a pair or P495 when you buy two or more, the Readers collection is up for grabs in-store and online. Available at select Sunnies Studios and Digital Walker stores, Shopee, Lazada, and

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