‘Nothing forever’: Netizens shocked, sad over K-pop stars HyunA, Dawn’s breakup 

Published December 1, 2022, 11:01 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Netizens expressed shock and sadness over the breakup of longtime couple and K-pop stars HyunA and Dawn.

“We broke up. We’ve decided to remain as friends/co-workers from this day forward. Thank you for the love and support you’ve given us up to now,” HyunA posted on Instagram on Nov. 30, SBS News reported.

Hyuna and Dawn (Instagram)

Hyuna and Dawn (Instagram)

HyunA and Dawn’s revelation of their relationship in August 2018 caused a backlash that led to the termination of their exclusive contracts with Cube Entertainment.

In August 2018, they admitted that they had been in a relationship for two years and became close when Dawn (formerly E’Dawn) joined her performance of “Roll Deep” in 2015.

“We’ve been going out with each other for two years. We know this would result in some kind of labeling, but we thought it would be hard to look straight into the eyes of our fans (without being honest). So we decided to be honest with our loving and supporting fans and come to the stage with confidence,” they told Yonhap News back then.

On social media, they teased fans about getting engaged with Dawn even asking HyunA to marry him.

On Oct. 15, 2018, Cube Entertainment announced the termination of HyunA’s contract followed by Dawn’s contract on Nov. 14, 2018.

After they announced their relationship, the activities of HyunA and E’Dawn under the project group Triple H were suspended.

In September 2018, Cube Entertainment announced that it had decided to kick out the couple from the company because of broken loyalty and trust.

However, on the same day, the company retracted its statement, saying nothing was decided yet at the time.

They joined Psy’s P Nation in January 2019 and left last August.

Korean netizens were sad and surprised by the breakup.

Here are some of their top comments, according to Netizen Buzz:

– “Hul no way They even got engaged with a ring and everything”

– “Their best option was getting married… Especially after E’Dawn ruined everything for Pentagon by leaving right when ‘Shine’ was hitting it big”

“Huh..? They acted as if they’d be together for life, and now they’re broken up..?”

– “There is nothing forever in this world…”

– “I really thought they’d end up married… how unfortunate”

– “You can tell each other you love them a thousand million times but love is something that can end with just one phrase ‘let’s break up’”

– “No such thing as friends between a man and a woman”

– “There are plenty of couples who break up even after marriage and having children, nothing abnormal about a relationship ending”