PROUD MOM! Sharon Cuneta ecstatic over Miel Pangilinan's first magazine cover

Just like any parent, Megastar Sharon Cuneta couldn't help but feel proud whenever any of her children achieved something.

Just recently, she crowed about her youngest daughter Miel Pangilinan having landed her first-ever magazine cover feature.

She said, "My Miel is incredibly confident. She has no body image issues and from our talks I sense that she wants to encourage girls and women to be proud of themselves no matter what the world demands that they do, say, or look like."

"I am also glad that her generation now looks down on body shaming (whether people are too thin or too curvy) and thinks of it as being so out and so low."

"I am extremely proud of her and all that she stands for! Also, not just because I’m her Mama, but I think she is GORGEOUS & BEEYOOTEEFUULL!!! What a FACE, this girl. Yes we look alike - but I really believe she has a better version of my face!," she added.

"Thank you, @nylonmanila for featuring my baby on your cover - her first, alone - without us, her ever-present support (or maybe even slightly annoying, ‘stuck-to-each-other’) group! I love you so much my Mielly!!! Congratulations again!"

Meanwhile, Miel thanked the magazine for the "wonderful opportunity."

"i’m genuinely so thankful that you’ve given me this platform to share myself with the rest of the world (heart emoji)," the 18-year-old said. "my younger self could have only dreamed of something like this happening. i still cant believe this is real life LMAO."

Nylon wrote on social media: "Aware of the reputation that precedes her, brought about by her political and showbiz pedigree, she is taking all this in stride. At this point, however, she is raring and ready to show the world what she’s got. Hello, world, meet Miel Pangilinan."