Netizens eagerly awaiting Angel Locsin's update following viral blind item

Many are now monitoring the social media accounts of actress Angel Locsin.

Apparently, they are waiting for her reaction after a recent blind item circulated on social media.

Some believe it seemingly points to her.

The blind item mentions a female celebrity who took time off from showbiz.

The same celebrity is said to be married to an entrepreneur.

The two are not well as the husband has supposedly impregnated an inactive actress.

Angel, who is married to film producer Neil Arce, has been on a hiatus for some time now.

She has been inactive on social media as well.

Her last post was in August.

As of writing, her Instagram account has been switched to "private" mode.

Anyway, here are some of the comments on Angel's last Instagram post:

"Hi my love, I hope you’re doing well. I don’t know what you’ve going through right now but please always remember that I am always here for you, WE are always here for you no matter what, you deserve everything in this world. Please take care of yourself. Many people loves you. Come back stronger my DARNA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

"andito ako para mag imbestiga kung hiwalay na daw"

"true po b? i'm worried"

"You’ve been missing darling all okay?"

"Yung BI sa FP."

"Sana mg update kna po worried n Po kmi huhuhu"