Grace Poe favors privatization of MRT-3

Japan’s train systems are privately run and its operations are seamless, Senator Grace Poe on Thursday, November 10 said.

Poe issued this statement following reports that there are plans to privatize the Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-3.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) said the Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-3 is not for sale.

The DOTr, however, stated that it is ‘’considering the possibility of turning over the operations and maintenance pf MRT-3 to qualified private sector operators to improve its operational efficiency.’’

Poe pointed out that the LRT (Light Rail Transit) line is also privately run and had been more efficiently operated compared to the MRT.

‘’I agree that the MRT operations should be privatized. As we’ve seen in the past, political interventions have caused more problems and inefficiencies to the MRT operations,’’ she said.

She emphasized that the concession should be transparent and scrutinized properly.

‘’Fairly awarded through public bidding, to a competent and financially viable company, with a track record of providing efficient service and knowledge in train and public transport operations,’’ she said

‘’The government should also have some control in determining the fare matrix to prevent prohibitive and unfair price surges. The riding public’s welfare, convenience and safety, should be the priority,’’ she added.