‘Bisdak Cop Riders’ launched in Central Visayas

CEBU CITY – The Police Regional Office-Central Visayas (PRO 7) on Thursday, Nov. 10, launched the ‘’Bisdak Cop Riders” – a team of motorcycle-riding policemen tasked to curb street crimes in the region.

MEMBERS of the Police Regional Office-7 ‘Bisdak Cop Riders’ demonstrate how to neutralize motorcycle-riding criminals during a drill on Thursday morning, Nov. 10. (Calvin D. Cordova)

Brig. Gen. Roderick Augustus Alba, director of PRO 7, said the creation of the Bisdak Cop Riders is a laudable project as it will help prevent crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals.

“This is a brainchild of our senior officers. This was created together with the whole team of PRO 7 especially the regional chief of the Highway Patrol Group and our deputy regional director for operations (DRDO) or R3,” Alba said.

Alba said the creation of the Bisdak Cop Riders is part of his strategic thrust called the “4Cs” – connectivity, critical thinking, capability enhancement, and cleansing.

“We are really in full support of this project because this is part of the cleansing process, the fourth C of our 4Cs. We are now on the aspect of preventing crimes, reducing fear of crime and eliminating disorder,” Alba said.

The launching of the Bisdak Cop Riders is also part of the PRO 7 preparation for next year’s Sinulog Festival.

“One of the objectives is to address possible crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals. Because the use of motorcycles is the fastest and most convenient way to reach small alleys. We can pursue criminals upon the commission of the crimes,” Alba said.

Col. Noel Flores, PRO 7 DRDO, said having motorcycle-riding policemen will help improve response time during emergencies.

“We will be checking our response time. Usually because of busy thoroughfares, we are having a hard time responding quickly. With the launching of Bisdak Cops Riders, I think we can meet the allowable response time of three to five minutes,” said Flores.

Members of the Bisdak Rider Cops representing their city and provincial police offices were on hand during the launching.

The PRO 7 has 491 Bisdak Rider Cops who showcased their driving skills during a drill that highlighted the launching. The drill also showed the policemen’s ability to neutralize motorcycle-riding criminals.

Alba said the PRO 7 is eyeing more motorcycle-riding policemen but it needs more logistics to accomplish it.

He hopes that local government unit officials will help the PRO 7 acquire more motorcycles.

“We are appealing to other stakeholders, particularly to our congressmen, governors, mayors. If you have the abundance of resources, please help our police in Region 7...donate or sponsor motorcycles to our other policemen,” Alba said.

Alba said the business community in the region helped the PRO 7 realize the program.

Private stakeholders such as the Cebu-Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce and Industry are among those who supported the creation of Bisdak Cop Riders.

“As what our partner from the business community said, there will be no progress if there is no peace,” Alba said.

Aside from preventing street crimes, the motorcycle-riding policemen will also help ensure that traffic rules are being followed.

“This is not only for crime prevention but also to ensure that there is no traffic congestion because of the immediate presence of our men in motorcycle. Another is, we also advocate safe-driving. I have instructed them to be role models in safe-driving,” Alba said.