K-pop group NCT 127’s Jakarta concert cut short as more than 30 fans faint 

The concert of K-pop boy band NCT 127 was stopped midway in Jakarta, Indonesia on Nov. 4 after more than 30 fans reportedly fainted as they pushed their way to get near the stage.

NCT 127 held the first day of their “Neo City-The Link” concert at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) on Nov. 4.

NCT 127 (left) and a fan being attended to by a medical team at the group's concert in Jakarta (Twitter, screenshot from KompasTV video on YouTube)

However, the concert was stopped as some fans who were in the standing area of the venue fainted as they were too close to one another.

A video by Kompas TV showed one fan being attended to by a medical team inside the venue.

Fan videos showed NCT 127 members asking the standing audience to move back to have ample space.

Dyandra Global Edutainment, the promoter of the concert, issued a statement to apologize and explain what happened.

“Below is our explanation regarding the halt of the NCT 127 2ND TOUR 'NEO CITY: JAKARTA - THE LINK' concert on November 4 and the announcement for the November 5 show,” it said.

It added, “We have been informed about the general rules and safety procedures in advance. As well as advising our security team to remain in an orderly manner while the show goes on.”

“However, an unforeseen circumstance happened at the end of the show. Concert attendances on the standing section appeared to go unorganized, which resulted in chaos and eventually led to the halt of the show for the sake of their safety,” Dyandra added.

It said, “We're very grateful that no one was injured. However, as we put the safety and security of the audience as our top priority, the halt of the show became inevitable. We're deeply sorry for everyone who came to our Day 1 show for not being able to enjoy the concert until the end.”

“We would also like to apologize to all members of NCT 127 and SM Entertainment for not making the desired concert possible,” it said.

NCT 127 will hold another concert today, Nov. 5, at the same venue and the promoter promised to add more medical and security personnel.

“To make amends for today's incident and give the best experience, we will add more paramedics and security personnel for the Day 2 show. We will continue to work closely with the local police and work as hard as we could to avoid any incidents from happening again. We also encouraged tomorrow's audience to maintain safety procedures during the event,” it said.