Sandara Park says she wants to have a long-term relationship: ‘I’m ready for that’ 

Sandara Park, aka Dara, former member of K-pop group 2NE1, has declared that she is ready for a long-term relationship.

Dara was a guest on a recent episode of the Korean TV show “Problem Child in House” where she revealed her past dating.

Sandara Park in Paris (Twitter)

"I'm a cyber lover. I listened to every word that our agency head told me before. There was no dating rule for some time, and I abided by the rule. Even when my boyfriend said he was at the apartment complex where our dorm was, I told him that I couldn't go out to see him,” said Dara, according to SBS News.

She said she started going on dates after she was told “nobody cares that much about what you do.”

“After hearing that, I actually started going on dates. Now though, no one believes me that I went on dates,” the 37-year-old star said.

Dara has never been embroiled in media photos showing celebrities on dates because her dating was short.

"Well, it's because I always break up before our photos are ever taken; I break up before any rumors start to spread. That's why. I've never dated anyone for that long," she said.

Dara told a story of how she and her date, who was well-known, went to a place in Itaewon, Seoul during one winter day.

“It's one of the hottest places these days, but nobody recognized us, since I was wearing a long padded coat and scarf. We couldn't go to a restaurant though, because we had to take our mask off and we would both instantly be recognized. He was a pretty well-known person as well, so...,” she said.

She added, "As we were wandering around, we suddenly smelt sweet potatoes cooking. We excitedly headed to the street vendor, but it turned out the sweet potatoes were sold by rapper Cheetah. We were afraid that our relationship might be revealed in the industry if we let her see us, so we just walked away. We were so sad." They broke up.

"We ended up breaking up with each other before anyone took our dating photos as well. I really want to date someone for a long time. I live alone now, and things are much better with my life. I've also become more mature. I'm ready for that," she said.