Landslide in Cebu City destroys 6 houses

CEBU CITY — Six houses in Barangay Busay here were destroyed by a landslide on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 29.

AN emergency responder looks at houses destroyed in a landslide in Barangay Busay, Cebu City on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 29. (Photo contributed by Councilor Joel Garganera)

The landslide occurred following incessant rains from severe tropical storm "Paeng."

Fortunately, the occupants of the six houses had evacuated before the landslide happened.

"The families living there were already evacuated two weeks ago because of a landslide that happened nearby," said Harold Alcontin, chief of the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

A video of the actual landslide had circulated on social media.

Even before the incident, the area was already declared hazardous due to continuous soil movement, Alcontin said.

The constant soil movement and the non-stop rain in the past few days may have triggered the landslide, Alcontin added.

Alcontin said there were no reported injuries and residents in the area were all accounted for.

Alcontin said ambulances and search and rescue teams were immediately sent to the area after the incident.

"The only problem we encountered during this incident that it caused heavy traffic in the area because several people stopped to take pictures," he said.

Because of the incident, 12 families living nearby were evacuated as precaution, said Cebu City Councilor Joel Garganera.

The evacuated families were temporarily housed in a covered basketball court in Busay, Garganera said.