The Juans' 'Hatid' to be shown as film in their concert at Araneta Coliseum

The Juans just recently announced via their social media accounts that its 2018 tune will get the film treatment, starring Kapamilya stars Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara. Described as “a film by The Juans,” the new depiction of “Hatid” will debut exclusively during the band’s Araneta Coliseum concert on Oct. 23, produced by KDR Music House and Viva Live.

Known for their “hugot songs”, The Juans wants to warn audience to brace for more heartbreak, as this song of letting go will give them a clear picture than just a hurtful imagination.

“Paano bibitawan kung mahal mo pa? Pero paano din magpapatuloy kung hindi na siya masaya?” The Juans captioned the teaser poster.

Sharing the poster, Alcantara tweeted: “Ang sakit nitong scene na’to, samahan pa ng mga kanta ng The Juans. Tara? Samahan nyo rin kami ituloy ang kwento sa The Juans Concert.”

The Juans’ lead vocalist Carl Veguarra previously described the concert as “a fusion of film and musical theater, the ultimate.”

“May bida at kontrabida din sa istorya ng concert,” Guevarra said. “But we also want to continue to inspire people with our show. We want to relate and validate feelings of other people because we all felt it — the separation, the heartbreak. We want to tell them that after hugot, there is hope and healing.”

“Hatid” marks the second project of The Juans involving Oinuma and Alcantara. Early this month, the pop-rock band released the theme song of “Tara, G!”, the ongoing youth-oriented series starring an ensemble cast, including Oinuma and Alcantara, and will also be participating in the concert this Sunday.

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