Baby Shark, NewJeans team up for new performance video 

YouTube sensation Baby Shark has teamed up with new K-pop girl group NewJeans for a special performance video.

The Pinkfong Company, which is behind Baby Shark, will be releasing the “Magical Curtain” video featuring Baby Shark and NewJeans on Oct. 11. A teaser video was released on Oct. 6.

NewJeans and Baby Shark team up for a new video (Pinkfong)

NewJeans (Pinkfong)

NewJeans debuted in August this year under the ADOR label with the album “New Jeans.”

Featuring Baby Shark, the cultural icon from the world’s most-viewed YouTube video, “Magical Curtain’ is a short clip in the form of a homage to ‘Attention - Wardrobe edit’, the challenge video which went viral on TikTok by amassing 4.2 million views.

The collaboration is part of Pinkfong’s hit dance show hosted by Pinkfong and Baby Shark, “Dance Alive.”

“Dance Alive’ expands its presence as one of the most beloved dance shows on YouTube. Its first episode, starring dancer and choreographer Aiki, amassed one million views.

“We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration with NewJeans, one of the most notable K-pop rookies, bringing a unique and exclusive opportunity to enjoy the songs and dances for fans around the world,” according to The Pinkfong Company.

“Through the Dance Alive project, we plan to continuously engage with fans of all ages including Millennials and Generation Z by teaming up with the beloved K-pop artists,” it added.