Trina Candaza moves out of Carlo Aquino's place amid breakup rumors, shares cryptic posts anew

Trina Candaza and Carlo Aquino

Did vlogger Trina Candaza indirectly confirm that she and actor Carlo Aquino, father of her child, have parted ways?

This after the 25-year-old model-social media influencer uploaded a vlog of her and her one-year-old daughter, Enola Mithi, as they moved to a new place.

The comment section was filled with positive remarks, mostly applauding Trina for "walking away."

Among the comments:

"Mahirap at masaya maging single mom. Kaya mo yan Ms.Trina. Laban lang. Stay safe and strong."

"I stan a strong woman like you!"

"Praying that, you and Mithi will be fine. Just take it one day at a time... Breathe, pray and give it all to God in prayer. God bless you and Mithi."

"Hats off to you for having the courage to walk away. Sana wag mo na balikan. I am more more than twice your age pero mas matapang ka sa akin. Men like my husband and your ex will never change. They can cry & beg for forgiveness but will still cheat whenever they get the chance. I wish you well and prayers for you and your little one."

Rumors about Trina and Carlo calling it quits have been circulating on social media.

Adding fuel to the fire were Trina's cryptic posts.

Recently, she uploaded a TikTok video about "toxic" partner.

Her message: "She's toxic right? But was she toxic before you lied to her about another female? Was she toxic before you took advantage of the trust she had for you? Was she toxic before she kept forgiving you for hurting her over and over again? She wasn't toxic... You drained everything out of that woman. You hurt that woman. You lied to her and continue to hurt her and made her question her worth. Then you expect her to be the same person she was in the beginning? Now she's crazy for being this way..."

Later, Trina wrote that she's looking forward with "hope."

She also declared: "Self care & self love muna tayo this 2022!"

News about things not going well between Carlo and Trina started after online users noticed that the two unfollowed each other’s Instagram accounts.

Then, they shared cryptic posts featuring Enola.

Carlo uploaded a candid photo of them along with the caption: “Buong puso.”

Trina, on the other hand, posted a picture of Enola looking out of the window.

“You’ll grow beautifully in your own way (cherry blossom emoji) – Dhiman,” her caption read.

Carlo and Trina then confused followers further, following each other on the platform again. But they continue to share cryptic messages.

Trina said: “Little by little, day by day, what is meant for you will find its way (cherry blossom).”

Then in another post, she wrote: “You will really know your worth to your partner if ano magiging actions niya pag wala ka na sa kanya. Kung may pinupuntahan na agad na babae... Wag na kayo umasang mag babago pa yung jowa niyo sa sakit sa ulo, hindi na yan mag babago (face with tears of joy emoji).”

On the other hand, Carlo posted candid pictures of him with the captions: “Slow down..” and “Silence and coffee Silence and coffee.”