Karen Davila praises Jessica Soho on presidential interviews

"KUDOS Maam Jess!"

This is what ABS-CBN seasoned broadcast journalist Karen Davila wrote on social media recently, referring to GMA journalist Jessica Soho and her recent presidential interviews, which the former described as centered on revealing the "true characters" of the candidates.

"Kaya po mahalaga na mag-pa interview sa mga mamamahayag," she said. "Mas mahirap po magpatakbo ng Pilipinas kaysa humarap sa mamamahayag (flag of Philippines emoji)."

According to Karen, the presidency is not only about competence and vision but also about character.

She reiterated that interviews with journalists help peel the layers for voters to get to know candidates.

"Bawat mamamahayag, may kanya kanyang istilo ng pagtatanong at nakakatulong lahat ito sa pagpili kung sino iboboto."

Now, Karen is excited for her home network's version of the same.

"I wish all other networks well! Media stands together in calling our candidates into account," she said.

"On a side note, I call her ‘Maam Jess’ because she was one of my first bosses in GMA7’s Brigada Siete pa - circa 1994-95ish!"

In another tweet, Karen remembered the 2016 Presidential debates.

She said that then the reporters were "trolled, bashed & accused" for being "biased" for asking then-Mayor Duterte certain questions.

"Kapag binalikan ang mga tanong at sagot, he gave a glimpse of what was to come. That’s why facing the media is critical," she related.

"Candidates must remember - when journalists ask ‘tough or hard’ questions, they are doing the public good," she added. "We don’t go home personally hating a candidate."

"Trabaho lang. The Presidency is no joke. The country & our children’s future is at stake."