AllHome taps home consultant for tips in organizing homes

The upcoming Year of the Tiger signifies new hope, a restart of sorts after another year of the pandemic.  For some, it is also a time to give the living space or workspace a new look to usher luck, health, and prosperity.

In partnership with AllHome, professional home organizer Issa Reyes recently shared tips and hacks in organizing one’s space. Organizing can be as simple as creating a conducive work space, a playing area, a coffee or crafts corner, or making your bed every day.

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Inspired by world-renowned consultant Marie Kondo, Reyes shared some of her experiences and inspirations in the life-changing magic that comes from tidying to make one comfortable in your living space.

Reyes, a professional home organizer, helps people in organizing homes to make things less complicated and simpler.

Speaking at the recently concluded "Villar Convention: Retail, Innovation, Shopping Expo (RISE)," Reyes shared the homeward technique to participants to make sure that “an overwhelming task” of tidying won’t end as a "disaster.”

“What is your season?  Your season should serve as a guide in organizing. It means the current period in your life,” she said. “If you are not aware of what season you are in your home, chances are clutter will just continue piling up.”

Reyes also underscored the need to internalize your role as a parent, a mom, or a sibling whenever you think of how to organize your home.  “It helps you feel on top of the situation and equip you properly to become a more efficient person,” she said.

Refresh your bedroom by changing your sheets regularly.

Sorting, detaching, and rehoming

In sorting, you know what you have. In detaching, you understand what you need. In rehoming, you accept what is left.

These are the three important processes a person undergoes when he or she is organizing work or living pace, Reyes said.

"It is important to determine which things are important in your daily life. The good news is: You are not bound to throw anything,” says Reyes. “It is just a matter of treating things at face value, building general categories to also allow you to have a visual inventory in your home. This way, it is easier to move around, locate things you need and breathe within your space. This is also where AllHome, your pioneering one-stop home store in the Philippines, helps in the process.”    

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Another advice from Reyes:  Treat yourself very special. After all, your heart is your home and ALL roads lead to HOME. 

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