Alexa Ilacad's heartbreak song for her ex

Alexa Ilacad

Both of them have moved on in their respective careers and relationships. After more than five years, young actress and singer Alexa Ilacad is ready to release the heartbreak song she penned for her erstwhile partner on and off-screen, Nash Aguas.

It was memorable because it was her first heartbreak, being only 16 years old at that time. Alexa dropped hints that it was her former ka-love team Nash when she said: "It happened in 2016, super long ago. People can just backtrack those days. Ayoko na rin banggitin ang pangalan para iwas issue."

''Paano'" - sung and composed by Alexa - was launched last Dec. 21 in all digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. It is being released under Off The Record, the company of her uncle, Ricky Ilacad.

Who knew that a heart in pain could inspire her to write a song for the first time? The 21-year-old Alexa recalls: "I was in a car ride at that time, and it was raining. I didn't know how to channel my emotions. I knew what I felt and wanted to write it all down. Then I told my best friend Eunice (Jorge of Gracenote) to add a melody to the lyrics because I really wanted to make a song out of the pain I was feeling."

She says "Paano" is not your usual sappy love song because the rhythm is more electropop. We wanted a sound similar to my other singles "Love At First Sight" and "Stay Right Here."

The talented Alexa just ended her stint last December as a PBB housemate. While 'Paano' is the anthem to her first broken heart, she revealed that her last heartbreak was right inside PBB house itself.

"May napagdaanan din ako inside PBB, love-wise.Okay naman kami ng tao. We talked it out, we were able to settle everything. It just didn't take off sa loob ng bahay kasi we didnt want it na dala lang ng pressure, dala ng tukso ng ibang tao. We wanted it to come organically," Alexa noted.

The young star is currently being linked to her PBB batchmates Eian Rances, Benedix Ramos and KD Estrada.