Maine Mendoza, John Lloyd Cruz in upcoming GMA drama series?

There are talks about Maine Mendoza starring in a new drama series for GMA this year.

There are no details relating the project as of this writing but many it seems are already excited about it.

A debate among fans is in full swing on social media.

The topic? Maine’s leading man in the series.

Some were quick to suggest Alden Richards.

Of course, it is a given, inasmuch as the actor shares history with Maine. And they have a huge following in AlDub Nation.

Then again, there are others who are pushing for Arjo Atayde, Maine’s real-life boyfriend.

Is it possible? Well, who knows?

Meanwhile, a growing number of fans are eager to see Maine paired with John Lloyd Cruz.

Note Maine has admitted to being a fan of the actor, relating in previous interviews how working with him is in her bucket list.

Fans love the idea.

Some of the comments:

“Tama na si Alden kasawa na JLC naman!”

“Umay na si Alden! Gora ako kapag John Lloyd!”

“Tama! JLC ang daa best! Bagay!”

“Ang tanong: totoo ba ang show o fake news? Kung sakali my vote goes to Maine-JLC. Fresh.”