Life coach and best-selling author Myke Celis wins Top Celebrity Life Coach Award

Filipino life coach and best selling author, Myke Celis was recently awarded as one of the Top Celebrity Life Coaches worldwide by leading premiere global professional coach education and training company, Coach Foundation. It is headed by multiple#1 best selling author, Forbes contributor and top mentor Coach, Sai Blackbyrn, a well-renowned figure in the coaching industry himself.

The organizer Coach Foundation shared, “Coach Foundation has proudly awarded Myke Celis as a Top Celebrity Life Coach. This award signifies our recognition of his commitment and dedication to helping others become the best version of themselves. We wish you the best of luck and continued success.”

Coach Myke Celis, who's known to be a familiar face in media across print, radio, TV and digital as a go-to subject matter expert and resource person in coaching and as the powerhouse best selling author behind the #bestmeever book series, was pleasantly surprised with the win.

"I wasn't expecting it. When they told me about the nomination and that they will do a background check and research about me if I fit the category, I was like, these guys mean business. So I just let things be and lo and behold, imagine my surprise when I got the award! I am just grateful to be recognized for what I love to do best as I always let my work speak for me."

Doing what he loves best means coaching celebrities, top executives and highly successful people while mentoring aspiring coaches worldwide. To date, some of his clients have successfully re-launched their careers, became multi-awarded entrepreneurs or on their way to becoming best selling authors, like Coach Myke Celis himself.

"It feels surreal to be chosen as the only Filipino alongside other celebrity life coaches from all over the world and see how much impact they have made in their own space. Contrary to popular belief, being a celebrity life coach is not just about having celebrity or high profile clients or being a familiar face in media -- there's more to than just the glitz and glamor behind the title actually, but rather, it's about being able to help people, whether in the spotlight or there after, thrive and become their own #bestmeever, no matter how that looks like for them. It's actually a big responsibility, not only to myself, but to all those who trust and believe in me. And now, as I proudly carry the Philippine flag with me no matter where I go in the industry, I always take that responsibility to heart. It's a privilege to win for our country."

Coach Myke Celis is currently the only Filipino nominated in two categories in the international Coach Awards 2022: Best Executive Coach and Best Wellness Coach. You may support him by logging on to and click on his name to vote.