Study reveals top 10 FMCG brands in PH in last decade

Ten fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) comprising of food and beverages as well as personal and homecare brands remained constant in Filipino households over the last ten years, a research on brand footprint in the country revealed.

In the special edition of its Brand Footprint research, Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, revealed the Top 10 Fast FMCG in the Philippines for the last decade shows the brands’ strength vis-à-vis the choices Filipino shoppers make for their households.

According to the Worldpanel Division of Kantar, the Brand Footprint ranks successful FMCG brands based on their Consumer Reach Points (CRP). This measure combines population or the number of households in the country; penetration or the percentage of households purchasing the brand; and consumers’ choice or the frequency of the brand being chosen by Filipinos over the course of 12 months.

The top ten brands in the country for the last decade were Lucky me, Nescafe, Surf, Silver Swan, Palmolive, Bear Brand, Milo, Ajinomoto, Safeguard, and Cream Silk.

“These brands were chosen brands with consumer reach brands of at least 4 billion. This means that over the past 10 years, these brands have been chosen at least 4 billion times,” said

Bea Coronel, client manager at Kantar Philippines. Coronel explained that the combination of high penetration and frequency are the top two drivers of brand growth.

In fact, she said, 88 percent of brands in the country have achieved growth this way during the last 10 years. “These FMCG brands have been successful in finding more shoppers and reaching them at the right moment to win their households over via their shopping baskets,” she said.

She emphasized that a lot of familiar household names are really solidifying the position and relevancy in homes.

“We see that these brands have remained highly relevant in home despite the challenge FMCG market,” she said.

In the case of Lucky Me, an instant noodle brand that claimed the top and most coveted position in Kantar’s ranking of Brands of the Decade in the country, the footprint report shows that Lucky Me was bought by almost all Filipino homes at 98.4 percent and was chosen by local shoppers 31 times per year over the past decade, giving it a total of 9.4 billion CRP.

In second place is coffee brand, Nescafé, with 7.3 CRP. Other food and beverage brands in Top 10 listing are Silver Swan (5.4 billion CRP), ranked fourth; Bear Brand (4.9 billion CRP) securing the sixth spot; Milo (4.9 billion CRP) landing on seventh; and Ajinomoto (4.6 billion CRP) making its way to number eight.

The Top 10 list was rounded up by three personal care brands and one lone homecare brand. Detergent brand Surf ranked third, registering 5.6 billion CRP. Meanwhile, Palmolive received 5.2 billion CRP to get the fifth spot, whereas Safeguard (4.2 billion CRP) and Cream Silk (4.1 billion CRP) took the ninth and tenth spots, respectively.

For 2021, however, there was a slight deviation in the top brands in Filipino homes. The top ten brands last year, the second year of the pandemic, include Lucky Me, Silver Swan, Bear Brand, Nescafe, Surf, Kopiko, Coca Cola, Datu Puti, Palmolive, and Safeguard.