'Such an honor:' Vina Morales on 'grand finale walk' stint at NYFW

Vina Morales

Actress-singer Vina Morales felt "honored" to do the grand finale walk at the New York Fashion Week of Musa event for a "good cause."

According to the 46-year-old star, the Musa Advocacy that she's supporting helps the prisoners and indigenous tribes in Davao del Norte to have "better" lives.

"A little trivia is that my great great grandmother who married an American soldier during the war is from a Tagakaulo tribe which originates from Davao del Sur," she related. "I congratulate my co Bisaya friend designer @musafabric_by_joysoo for the success and for this advocacy, i will continue to support in any way i can."

Founder of The Musa Advocacy and fashion designer of Musa Fabric, Joy Soo, reacted to Vina's post.

"You never had a second thought dhaii Vina that moment I asked you the favor to walk for Musa. Thaaaaaaank you so much for being a part of this Advocacy in Davao Del Norte. We are so much grateful most especially the prisoners and the tribal women, they will be very happy to see this photo. I will print this including your post for them to see inside the jail and in the mountains. DAGHAN KAAYUNG SALAMAT!!!!," the comment read.

On its official website, MUSA Fabric is said to be anchored on the advocacy of "producing artistic tribal vogue made of banana fiber behind bars and in the native homes of indigenous women in Davao Del Norte."