Balut as worst egg dish? Bretman Rock conducts taste test

Just a few days ago, TasteAltas ranked balut number one on its "10 Worst Rated EGG DISHES in the World."

It said: "Balut is a popular, although unusual Filipino delicacy, served everywhere from street stalls to upscale restaurants. It is a duck egg that has been hard-boiled, fertilized, and incubated. Traditionally, the cooked embryo is consumed straight from the shell...

"Although balut is closely associated with Filipino cuisine and has achieved popularity throughout the world, it is still considered a poor man's meal in the Philippines."

Bretman Rock, a hugely popular Filipino influencer based in Hawaii, thinks otherwise.

On his recent Instagram story, the 24-year-old online content creator did a balut "unboxing."

He did so in the traditional manner, cracking the shell and drinking the soup.

"Wow," he said after.

He later showed the unpeeled balut, quipping: "This is what the product looks like. I really love the packaging. I really love that it's just very plain and simple."

He then took a bite.

"Wow. Wow. Wait, hold on. That got me emotional. I love balut, guys," he shared.

"Oh, since my mom is here, I was gonna say my mom had cravings in balut when she had me as baby. Sometimes, I eat this like hard part right here, but I have three more to go," Bretman continued.

Bretman revealed he used to eat like 10 of balut in one sitting.

"And if I didn't have it, if I didn't have one for a day I literally would cry to my dad," he related.

Bretman went on to show followers details of the embryo.

"I don't know if you can tell, but that's the embryo right there. Like, you can see a baby duck and he's a motherf***ing delicious."

He then told people making known their disgust regarding the delicacy.

"It's okay. It's fine because, you know, I think that with white people food. So, it's okay, like, burgers."

In another story, Bretman added: "Also, I really don't put anything with my balut for those of you who are so concerned that I didn't put salt or suka and sili in it. It's because I wasn't f***ing G, b**ch. I don't need to f***ing do that s**t. I like how it tastes the way it does."

Bretman, who rose to fame with his unique sense of humor and wit, has over 8.88 million subscribers on YouTube, 4.4 million followers on Facebook, 18.4 million followers on Instagram, 5.6 million followers on Twitter, and 14.3 million followers on TikTok.

For the past years, he's been carving his own name in the business, harvesting different accolades one after another.

Recall that he was named MTV's 2021 Breakthrough Social Star, People's Choice Awards Beauty Influencer of the Year, and one of Time's 30 Most Influential Teens.