Alice Dixson to critics of yellow dress: ‘Move on to your next victim…’

Published August 19, 2022, 4:11 PM

by Neil Ramos

Alice Dixson is adamant she did nothing wrong wearing a bright yellow gown at the GMA Gala Night.

Indeed, despite the event being announced as a “formal black and white event,” Alice maintained it doesn’t mean she had to wear black or white like other attendees.

As receipt, the actress shared on Instagram a definition of the term on the internet.

Her reaction came days after fans were seen complaining on social media about her trying to supposedly “outshine” other celebrities.

Others described her as a seeming “gate crasher.”

 “It has come to my attention na may mga nagalit, nainis (at) nagba-bash tungkol sa lovely bright (Gakuya by Kim Gan) canary yellow gown ko na suot ko noong (GMA Gala Night),” she said. “At ang sabi pa daw ay gate crasher pa ang dating ko, at nasira ko ang magandang preparation ng gala; Really?!”

 “For me (and I also looked it up ha!) ang isang Formal Black and White event is simply that — a formal event. [And nowhere] on any of my invitations that I received (attached) did it say you could only wear black and white!”

Addressing critics, she said, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings or sensibilities. I honestly thought I accomplished what was needed for the night: give thanks; mingle and meet my colleagues and the bosses; and have fun. (Please lang, huwag naman) kasi kayo masyado judgmental.”

Seemingly smarting, Alice also posted an artcard on “tinag.”

She wrote, “Word for the Day: Yes folks, hindi tayo basta2 nagpapa TINAG.
– Brilliant
– Shookd

* and accdg to nextgen: – This.Is.Not.A.Game. Move on to your next victim…