BennyQT takes over as ECHO turns back promising Onic

Benedict “BennyQT” Gonzales took over in Game 3 with his Wanwan pick to survive a valiant stand from a promising Onic Philippines side, 2-1, in the MPL Philippines Season 10 at the ICite Auditorium in Libis, Quezon City on Sunday, Aug 14.

Photo from MPL Philippines

A well-fed Wanwan took charge and turned things around for the side of ECHO, first in a clash at the eighth minute mark before a five-man wipe sealed the deal at the 13th-minute mark to open their season with a win.

Onic was actually in the lead before that first team fight and was bound to take a major victory in that scrimmage if not for the heroics of BennyQT who scored a triple kill. ECHO snowballed from there as it closed out the series with a 17-12 triumph.

BennyQT posted an 8-2-5 KDA on the Wanwan while Alston “Sanji” Placibo impressed with a neat 4-0-9 line on his Yve.

It was actually ECHO which drew the series first blood after a 13-8 victory in Game 1.

BennyQT actually had a hot start to the series, unloading a perfect 5-0-4 score line on Claude while Sanji added a 3-0-6 KDA on the Xavier pick.

With Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera putting on the lane pressure using his roaming Natalia, the ECHO core heroes had their free rein with their farms to quickly reach their power spikes and end the match in 18-minutes of play.

The Hedgehogs though refused to go down without a fight as the rejigged Onic crew continued to shock MPL pulling off a stunning 13-5 equalizer in Game 2.

France “Super Frince” Ramirez set up the pace for Onic with a 4-0-6 line on the Valentina while Landher “Der” San Gabriel also had a solid debut with Onic with a 3-1-4 KDA on the Paquito pick.

With the win ECHO got two points while Onic collected three points in a 1-1 record in the standings.