Noli encounters ‘fancy chickens’ in ‘KBYN: Kaagapay ng Bayan’

Published August 13, 2022, 7:12 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


Did you know about the loud and proud chicken? 

Noli de Castro introduces these rare and expensive ornamental chickens in Nueva Ecija this Sunday (Aug. 14) on “KBYN: Kaagapay ng Bayan.” 

These fancy chicken breeds, like the Malaysian Serama and the Ayam Ketawa, are specifically shown at exhibitions and contests. Unlike the typical ‘panabong’, these breeds are competed for their proud stance and clucks.

Meanwhile, Kabayan visits Polio-stricken pineapple vendor Marcial Padilla from Taytay, Rizal who defies all odds by peddling his goods via his bicycle in which he pedals using only his hands. Because of his inspiring determination, the KBYN team hands him a special gift.  

KBYN also travelled to Kabayan, Benguet where almost 80 percent are farmers. The team gets to know the problems they face including their damaged and rotting crops. They also met with husband and wife Ace and Andie Estrada of Rural Rising Philippines, who helped farmers from all around the country in selling their products during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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