Darryl Yap hints at second installment of 'Maid In Malacanang,' may soon reveal actor who will play Ninoy Aquino 

Darryl Yap (Facebook)

Following the success of the movie "Maid In Malacanang," controversial director Darryl Yap announced the possibility of making the second installment of the film.

This time, the movie will revolve around the greatest accusation received by the Marcoses: that they were allegedly involved in the assassination of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. on Aug. 21, 1983.

Darryl made the revelation about the upcoming project during an online interview with Coach Jarret on Aug. 5.

The portion of the interview:

"It's the greatest bintang to the Marcoses that they had then Senator Ninoy (Aquino) killed," started Darryl.

"It's one of the heaviest accusations that they ever received - that they have killed Ninoy Aquino that time.

"And I want to present why the people should believe them that it's not them.

"I will start by asking about the film, if your father died, if your husband died, there should be a fire within you to solve it, as a good son and a good wife.

"So why is it until now, that the mother or the wife, is now gone, the son is also gone, the justice for the father is not yet given?

"That's one of the pillars of the second installment if we will do it if the actor that I will post on Facebook will say yes to be Ninoy," said Darryl.

When Coach Jarret commented that the upcoming project would deepen the discussions on the Marcoses, Darryl added: 

"No. I will hear the Marcoses alibi. I just have to tackle that. And this is not a court case. This is not something about na dinemanda sila about it. I just wanna tackle it in my film why it's not them who killed NInoy."

Who do you think will play former Senator Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr.? (Facebook)

Last Aug. 6, Darryl posted a photo that resembles either Herbert Bautista or Philip Salvador.

Fans were thrilled about the second installment. Some comments:

"Herbert Bautista?? Phillip Salvador??Herbert Salvador!!!" 

"Go direk reveal everythingYour art is the instrument of the hidden truth"

"He looks like Sir Philip Salvador!!!"

"Direk Darryl Yap! My dream is to work with you po! I'm also a theater artist before wayback in college."

"I am excited… Direk Darryl Yap has many stories to tell. More movies please…?????? Kakaiba ka Direk!"

"Maid In Malacanang" tells about the final 72 hours of the Marcoses in Malacanang before they fled to Hawaii following a peaceful revolution in 1986.

Darryl thanked those who already watched the film after it grossed more than P63 million in three days.

Today, Sunday, "Maid In Malacanang" will have its premiere in llocos Sur, the hometown of the Marcoses, Darryl also said.

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