Sarah Lahbati wishes for a baby girl because of her diamonds

Published August 6, 2022, 8:47 AM

by Annalyn S. Jusay

Sarah Lahbati

Contrary to common perception that women often don’t get along with their mother-in-laws, actress and mom of two Sarah Lahbati shared recently that she bonds with the famously feisty Annabelle Rama over two major things: family matters and their common love for jewelry.

Sarah revealed that even before she and Richard Gutierrez got engaged, Annabelle would gift her with diamond rings for Christmas. “Ganyan mag regalo si Tita, very galante,” she told the media.

Sarah was introduced recently as the first-ever endorser of Tessera Jewelry at the exclusive Manila House Private Members Club. Also present in the event was her mother-in-law Annabelle, who revealed that she needed money like everyone else during the pandemic, so she sold a 13-carat diamond piece which gave her cash savings when she needed it.

Tessera is a brand known for having the largest collection of beautiful, naturally-mined and conflict-free diamonds in the Philippines. It made waves in 2018 when the then Three Stars and the Sun ear cuff they specially created for then Miss Universe Catriona Gray caught the attention of many. The iconic ear cuff was clad in 18K yellow gold and four carats of  Tessera diamonds.

Fast-forward to 2022. Business owners Carl and Papat Fider said they are ready to bring Tessera into the mainstream consciousness of discriminating jewelry lovers by choosing an ambassador like Sarah.

“Am sure everyone would agree that Sarah looks like a diamond… strong and sparkling.  We also treat her like a partner in the business, and as a partner, she does things with passion. We think that Sarah can bring the brand to the next level,” Carl said.

Carl & Pappat Fider of Tessera

Sarah revealed that one of her prized possessions at the moment is a Tessera diamond bracelet, which makes her wish for a baby sister to Zion and Kai.

“This beautiful bracelet from Tessera is something I know I could keep forever, and if I were to have a baby girl in the future, she would be able to own it,” the 28-year-old actress declared.

She shared that owning diamonds was  “something I’ve always dreamed of.”

“Eventually, you work hard, and you make your dreams come true. Diamonds, weddings, all the beautiful things…they’re all happening to me right now, which makes me very grateful and blessed,” she added.

Sarah bared that she loves learning about jewelry at this stage in her life, and she appreciates the fact that her tita Annabelle is there to advise her on what good investment pieces are.

Annabelle said every time she is able to sell her real estate assets, she makes it a point to buy diamonds before even buying a luxury bag. This is because jewelry turns into money in case of emergency.

Asked to give her own tips on buying jewelry, Sarah said: “I would go for selecting pieces that look very timeless. We all have our own personal tastes, but ideally nothing very trendy or loud. I would go for something classic and maybe a statement piece.”

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