CBCP official asks for prayers for quake victims

An official of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has asked for prayers for those affected by the magnitude 7 earthquake.


Fr. Jerome Secillano, CBCP Public Affairs Committee executive secretary, also asked for "collective action" to help those adversely affected by the earthquake.

The priest also expressed sadness that the earthquake damaged some of the country's old churches.

"It's unfortunate that natural calamities can bring down historical structures even religious ones like churches," said Secillano in an interview.

"Our helplessness amid such calamities is now more pronounced because of this recent experience," he added.

"We can only pray that no human life may further suffer from these destructive occurences," said Secillano.

The 7.3 magnitude quake struck different parts of Luzon, including Metro Manila on Wednesday, July 27.