Young Filipino fashion designer Ellis Co to launch his upcoming collection ‘Memoirs of the Future’

The collection will mark the coming of his high-fashion streetwear brand Archives. 

Great things happen in life when one makes the impossible possible. In Lewis Caroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” a young girl listed at least six impossible things before breakfast. And before her day ended, she witnessed things that are truly out of this world. Ellis Co, a 21-year-old budding fashion designer, is also listing impossible things on his sketchpad. First is to establish a brand, then to make a grand runway show to launch it, and to bring the future to the present all in just a span of seven months. His wonderland is yet to be determined. But by the looks of his early designs, it is not far from happening.

 Archives’ founder and director of design, Ellis Co

For his upcoming collection dubbed “Memoirs of the Future,” Ellis is inviting everyone to “reminisce the future” as he tries to merge the past with what’s yet to come through his designs. Its launch, which will take place on July 27 at Whitespace Manila in Makati City, will mark the coming of his high-fashion streetwear brand Archives. 

“I chose the brand name Archives because the clothes that I design are timeless and lasting pieces, and in itself, a collection of historical records,” Ellis says. “I perceive these pieces as remnants of me as a designer for years to come, and years after I’m gone.”

Leading the brand as its founder and design director, Ellis looked at Brutalism architecture as the guiding inspiration for his forthcoming collection. He married its sleek and geometric beauty with the contemporary Japanese fashion aesthetic. Thus, creating pieces that explore modern silhouettes and unique proportions.

“When I design, I’m very focused on the silhouette, how the shape looks, how the piece drapes on the body,” the designer says. “Basically, I’m trying to make something that hasn’t been done yet but is still familiar. I try to find the familiar in the unfamiliar.”

A glimpse of the “Memoirs of the Future” collection

Prior to becoming an aspiring fashion designer, Ellis first demonstrated his creative skills through music as a rapper, lyricist, and producer. He did that while being the assistant vice president for operations for his family’s real estate and construction company. During his foray into music, he worked with Reika Mayani, a music video creative who has worked with local music artists like James Reid, Ace Banzuelo, and Because, to name a few. Now, Reika serves as the Archives’ creative director. 

“Memoirs of the Future” show will be directed by Frank Mamaril and is posed to be beyond just a regular runway presentation. Described as a multi-sensory event, the launch will include a graphic projection of the designer’s inspiration, a molecular gastronomic experience, and a scent station, leading to the fashion show with original music produced by Ellis playing in the background. Think of it as a style journey that’s all about déjà vu, because that is what he is aiming for the show to be.

To stay updated about the coming of “Memoirs of the Future,” visit Archives’ Instagram page @archives.galerie.

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