Cherry expands wellness products with new muscle relief wraps

Published July 19, 2022, 3:09 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

Cherry Wellness continues to expand, introducing not just one but two products, the Cherry Wellness Smart Neck Wrap and Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap.

The Cherry Wellness Smart Neck Wrap, with its Planar Heating element, helps alleviate pain and tension on the neck area by improving blood flow. This relieves stress and the feeling of soreness especially after a day of labor-extensive tasks or just working for long hours in front of the computer. You can also alternatively use this for plain relaxation while lounging around the house. It evenly heats up to 75°C so everything that the pad covers is properly targeted. 

Meanwhile, the Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap is best for athletes and those who frequently hit the gym. It is ideally used after strenuous activities for comfort. It soothes knee pain and addresses stiffness in the joints through heat therapy. 

Both built for comfort and muscle relief, these innovations make use of Far-Infrared Radiation which penetrates the skin and in effect improves blood circulation. These provide relaxation by applying gentle pressure through low voltage to high heat without burning the skin, being outfitted with a Graphene Heating Film, a thick material used to keep the skin from burning.  

Get the Cherry Wellness Smart Neck Wrap for P2,175 while the Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap intros at P2,995. For more information, visit: